1. AirportSim Patch Notes: Build 1.0.7 (2401ac9e3)
  3. Hey Ground Handlers! We've got an exciting update for you today. While yesterday's update 1.0.6 was focused on fixes, today we're introducing entirely new content to the game!
  4. With today's game patch, the following additions are coming your way:
  6. Five new aircraft paint schemes based on national fleets.
  8. We understand that diversity at the airport enhances the gaming experience. Many of you are aviation enthusiasts, and airplanes play a crucial role in that passion. So, why not offer you more? Today, five additional aircraft paint schemes, reflecting the national colors, will be touching down at our airports from:
  10. USA
  11. Poland
  12. Czech Republic
  13. Ukraine
  14. Germany
  16. Taking feedback from our community, we've observed mentions about the shortage of basic scenarios. In response, we're aiming to enrich your gameplay. With this game update, we're rolling out new scenarios crafted by our team.
  18. Today update:
  20. Addition of new scenarios
  21. Added new liveries for A320 and B737
  22. Update: Device settings
  23. Added: device settings button in settings > controls
  24. Fixed: scenario editor save bug
  25. Improvement - Refueling mechanic: Changed used rounding type for fuel values, which was a little confusing.
  26. Improvement - Refueling mechanic: Added rounding of fuel values to the scenario editor.
  29. Known issue pending fix on the next update:
  30. (Multiplayer) In freeplay the amount of fuel needed to be put inside the aircraft and current fuel level in aircraft during refuelling task may be not synchronised correctly.
  32. and more being investigated.
  34. Hope you will enjoy our small, big update! Now go and check out the government, national colors paintings! If you would like to learn more about how the next week will be scheduled check out the latest blog.