1. Update v1.05.26:
  2. The automatic crossbow should work properly now :)
  3. Quest A Hero This City Deserves should be easier to complete now due to correcting information about the wanted level and Capitain Middle Age's behavior.
  4. Guy shouldn't be able to leave the playable area.
  5. You shouldn't be able to get on high stones on a horse now. Many object colliders were fixed.
  6. You cannot get blocked behind the stables in the second city's Army Camp.
  7. Water shouldn't disappear from the sea anymore.
  8. Texts in quest Witch, please should be set in the correct order.
  9. Guy won't be able to shoot Vinci's assistant with arquebus, before getting an objective.
  10. After getting into the tank, Guy shouldn't be seen running next to it.
  11. There shouldn't be any more problems with audio disappearing after mounting a horse.
  12. The Taxi mini-game was updated, and now you won't fail it due to knocking NPC down or getting chased by guards.
  13. During dialogue with Vin Guy cannot run around anymore.
  14. Minor changes of names used do describe specific game settings.
  15. There is an improved Japanese translation.
  16. There are also minor fixes to other translations that you've reported recently.
  17. You should be able to get a rematch at MMA. The activation circle should also work well.
  18. If you run the barrels over with your horse in the Science, peach quests, you will now fail the quest (there was a problem with progress blocking because of destroying barrels this way).
  19. You won't have trouble with losing the arquebus after failing the MurderFest with an arquebus as a mandatory weapon.