1. Update v2.0:
  2. 1. Fixed a bug with calling inventory. Previously, it could be called several times when saving the game quickly and then calling the inventory. And it was also possible to call the inventory several times and it was not possible to close it.
  3. 2. At the start of the game in the first cut scene, it was possible to control the character, turn on inventory, flashlight, etc. This is now disabled.
  4. 3. Infernal spiders can now be killed using a flashlight. But watch out for its charge. And also spiders can attack when the light from the lantern hits them.
  5. 4. The doctor can be stunned by a beam of light from a flashlight. The effect is temporary.
  6. 5. If the Doctor is near you and you have lit a candle, the Doctor will be teleported to another part of the clinic for a while.
  7. 6. Added hints when selecting notes and some items.
  8. 7. When the Doctor comes close to you– he lights up.
  9. 8. Objects that can be interacted with are highlighted. The backlight is activated when you hover over them.
  10. 9. The winter New Year's version has been removed.
  11. 10. Added some horror elements.
  12. 11. Fixed part of the decals.
  13. 12. Fixed part of the vegetation.
  14. 13. Unnecessarily cheerful music that is not suitable for horror has been removed.
  15. 14. The default music has become a little louder.
  16. 15. The diary model has been replaced.
  17. 16. Added ambient sound.
  18. 17. The default brightness is set to 2.5, it was 2.2.
  19. 18. The bug protection system has been improved. I advise you not to check.
  20. 19. The camera was removed.
  21. 20. Added street background sound. Works only on the street.
  23. Update v1.7:
  24. The scene of the meeting with the Doctor was moved to another place, and some minor bugs were fixed.
  26. Update v1.6:
  27. 1. Doctor's damage instead of random 30/45 changed to random 20/40;
  28. 2. Boost to movement speed is reduced by 2 times;
  29. 3. The chance that the Doctor will teleport behind you is reduced;
  30. 4. The time at which the Doctor can come to you or teleport from random 60/120 seconds is changed to 90/180 seconds.
  32. Update v1.5:
  33. Have you completed the game and think it was very easy for you?
  34. Then try the Nightmare mode - that's where the real Hell is! The Creepy Doctor will not let you get bored!
  35. And also replaced the spawn places of items for the rite and some keys. The number of first aid kits is limited, and the red apples are completely removed.
  36. May the screamer come with you!
  37. You can start the mode from the main menu by clicking the "Nightmare Mode" button.
  38. Added the achievement "Nightmare" for those who can pass this mode without a single death.
  40. Update v1.4:
  41. 1. Fixed sound settings.
  42. 2. Now the Doctor will not be able to open doors locked with a key or a latch.
  43. 3. Fixed a bug with invoking inventory immediately after loading the game.
  44. 4. Replaced 2 music tracks.
  45. 5. Other minor fixes.
  47. Update v1.3:
  48. 1. Fixed spawn of items for the ceremony: now they do not spawn a second time when loading if they are already in our inventory.
  49. 2. Removed the "Apply" button for items for the ceremony.
  50. 3. Added a note from the guard and a cassette that shows the appearance of the Doctor in the clinic. The cassette can be viewed using a VHS player and TV.
  51. 4. Added screamers.
  52. 5. Added a classic rocking chair.
  53. 6. Replaced some of the music.
  54. 7. Fixed a moment with music in the menu when it did not decrease when trying to decrease it in the audio settings.
  55. 8. Added subtitles to closed doors when trying to open them.
  57. Update v1.2:
  58. Minor corrections have been made to the game.
  60. Update v1.1:
  61. 1. Objects draw distance has been increased.
  62. 2. You can easily find a ritual room now and you won't confuse it with similar room in the toilet.
  63. 3. Some text has been added.