1. Update v5.7:
  2. New island added: Piku Island - The path from the gate spirals down the tall volcano peak. With colder temperatures and a layout that circles the peak, this island should present a challenge! Unlocked after beating the first 4 islands.
  3. Added new setting to hide environment flowers.
  4. Fixed bug causing the smelters footprint to be rotated 90 degrees preventing it from fitting where it should. This will not effect already placed smelters, but any newly placed ones will use the correct footprint area.
  5. Dutch and Russian language updates.
  7. Update v5.6:
  8. Added Dutch and Russian translations to the game! My sincere gratitude to the player base for volunteering these translations: Dutch by Stefan Kroon and Russian by Quotermain & Sergei Serov. Amazing work! If you are interested in seeing the game in your native language and would like the help, please reach out to me.
  9. Fix for a mega-ultra-late-game invader pathing bug. When mazes were of an extreme length, invaders would skip through the beginning of the maze, bypassing the first walls/towers. This is now fixed.
  10. Update to motion sick mode - Now in addition to removing rolling and swaying camera movement, the waves on the title screen are drastically reduced.
  11. Minor tweaks to invader anti stuck code - anti-stuck logic was rarely, but incorrectly being triggered very late game with lower framerates, in situations where invaders were blocked, waiting for invaders in front of them. This resulted in them being able to teleport past a wall/tower.
  12. Smelter building renamed to smeltry. This should help prevent some of the confusion between referencing the job or the building.
  13. Minor updates to texts and tooltips
  14. Other small performance and stability tweaks
  15. Slightly slowed the zoom speed down to make it a little less jarring
  16. Slightly reduced the amount of fog
  18. Update v5.5:
  19. Fixed a memory leak issue. This memory leak was quite impactful when using the mass update tool.
  20. Upgraded anti aliasing method from Fast Approximate to Subpixel Morphological. This is only very slightly less performant than the existing anti aliasing method. This should address some of the blurry and loss of detail at a distance issues some people have commented on. In addition, added a setting to allow disabling anti aliasing altogether.
  21. Fixed an issue where in a single wave, if two different invaders of the same type had two different elemental resistances, they would glow the same color.
  23. Update v5.4:
  24. Several other small tweaks, performance updates, and fixes
  26. Update v5.3:
  27. Fixed bug where pausing during an attack could cause invaders to get stuck.
  28. Updated so buildings destroyed the first few years won't kill their inhabitants, when slight population fluctuations can have a huge effect.
  29. A few other tiny tweaks.