1. Update v1.08:
  3. Several stability improvements
  4. New Entrance & Victory motions
  5. Wolfgang
  6. Mark Coffey
  7. Chelsea Green & Piper Niven (non-champ)
  8. Alba Fyre & Isla Dawn (non-champ)
  9. Tony D’Angelo & Channing Stacks Lorenzo (non-champ)
  10. AUDIO
  11. Ring Announcer selection is now available in Universe match options.
  13. Improvements to Super Finisher Visual Effects timing
  14. Addressed reported concern where user interface was obscured in ladder matches
  15. Improved Blackout payback trigger timing
  16. CAA
  17. Custom arenas with RAW, Smack, SMACK, or NXT in their name will brand the referee appropriately.
  18. SmackDown movie is now named correctly.
  19. Addressed reported concern where the video billboard would lose its customizations.
  20. Users can now add customizations to parts with LED Displays while the display is active. The display will temporarily turn off; after applying the customization, the display will turn back on.
  21. CAS
  22. Colorless emboss setting is now saved correctly.
  23. Logos no longer shrink when editing 1st color.
  24. CAE/CAVic/CAS
  25. When saving CAS, entrance, or victory, a prompt will be displayed to allow saving changes to Universe.
  26. Deletion Utility
  27. The Custom Image category now displays the current utilization of space specific to custom images
  29. Various improvements
  30. ONLINE
  31. Stability improvements.
  32. Universe
  33. Addressed reported concern with players being able to select Superstars not assigned to the current show
  34. Addressed reported concerns with the match table and match generation
  35. Stability improvements
  37. Update v1.06:
  38. Stability Improvements
  39. Addressed reported concerns of leaderboards not loading correctly within MyFACTION
  40. Addressed reported concerns related to setting the Ring Announcer to None when entering a Title Match
  41. Addressed reported concerns of auto complete preventing players in MyGM from booking SuperStars from different tag teams in the same match
  42. And more