1. Update v1.0.2:
  2. You can now change Alicia's clothes any time you want in the game. Including after a certain point.
  3. The map now shows some of these areas like hidden trap doors on the map.
  4. We polished the Library ladder climb up/down animations.
  5. The crawlers now turn at a normal speed on the ground.
  6. Alicia's hair (on all costumes + DLC) is now stopping sooner from movement.
  8. This gives a bit more natural movement to her hair.
  9. There is no more [spoiler]Blue Sapphire Key[/spoiler], [spoiler]the gate is now open by the GateKeeper[/spoiler]
  10. We made the message of controller or keyboard change to not appear on screen anymore, as suggested.
  11. To most of the [spoiler]dark world creatures[/spoiler] we added blood spots from where they spawn, this will be much easy to hunt them or avoid these enemy types in full.
  12. [spoiler]Dark world creatures[/spoiler] are now out of the player's way. They won't trouble you if you don't disturb them.