1. Xross Dreams, v1.24 Patch Notes:
  2. Fixed Goddess crash when opening Shells at specific y-values.
  3. Secret character fixes:
  4. Secret character fixes:
  5. Standardized Push Violence against Fighter and Hive. Everybody else's already worked properly. Now, all regular Pushes ("regular" meaning from anybody but Dinosaur) use the same pattern (Comet's pattern). This obviously affects a couple secret characters.
  6. Cleaned up Online timing synchronization code. If this affects anything, then you'll see slightly fewer freezes online.
  7. Added placeholder Waiting... indicator when playing Online and the opponent is catching up to a cutscene that you are already rendering. This will become better-looking and fancier once I have the time and opportunity. For now, it should help make some moments that aren't actually freezes look less like the game has frozen.