1. Patch 1.2.6
  2. - Fixed an issue where the gate would be closed then trying to take an animal into the shelter or when giving them away
  3. - Fixed the game freezing sometimes when picking an animal up
  4. - Fixed issues with getting back from horse free run to the shelter
  5. - Horses can be also placed in the washing station by unbinding them inside the station (in addition to the standard way of clicking on the station)
  6. - Decreased the necessary reputation level for buying medications
  7. - Computer will now only print a photo using the connected printer, not all of them
  8. - Only traits compatible with the desired animal type should now be displayed on human info panel
  9. - Fixed empty list of animals to take in
  10. - Going to the free riding map will be disabled if the player is not able to save the game
  11. - Fixed photos not loading when filename had different letter-casing than actual file name
  12. - Added checking animals that are on photos during loading of the gallery panels
  13. - Fixed ending actions with food and water bowls (inappropriate action end could result in freezing the player character)