1. Update v1.9.2:
  2. Victory screen
  3. We've added a new fully animated screen to celebrate when the heroes score a victory run. Fugoro's dark and corrupted shop will morph into a brighter and flourishing version, as the generally malevolent Roguebook becomes 'satisfied'.
  5. New Sound FX
  6. We have added 21 new unique sounds to specific cards in an effort to add a bit more depth and hero personality to battles.
  8. The following cards now have unique sound effects:
  9. Sharra
  10. Smoke Bomb
  11. Shimmerstrike
  12. Lightning Draw
  13. Fan of Knives
  14. High Five
  15. Time Strike
  16. Sorocco
  17. Fire Oil
  18. Buckle up
  19. Ogre Soup
  20. Dig
  21. Seifer
  22. Dark Knowledge
  23. Ritual Strike
  24. Whipcrack
  25. Hex
  26. Aurora
  27. Time stop
  28. Split the Timeline
  29. Toadsuit
  30. Battle Toads
  31. Triton Banquet
  32. Tadpals
  33. Quicken
  34. Starting Loot Bag
  35. When a new run begins, any Embellishments that give you items will all appear together inside of a loot bag instead of separate and sequentially. This hopefully will make the starting sequence for new runs more smooth and comprehensible. This is a quality of life feature we have wanted to add for some time.
  37. Balancing
  38. Thank you for your feedback on our recent balance discussion news post. In the end, we decided it would be best to focus only on the changes we think will have the most impact without disrupting the general Roguebook experience. We saw some great discussions that we truly appreciate.
  40. The following balance changes are being applied in this update:
  42. Fill the Pot
  43. Rarity changed from Common to Rare.
  45. Empower
  46. Rarity changed from Rare to Common.
  48. (This is to balance out Aurora's rarity pool after adjusting Fill the Pot)
  50. Bronze Boomerang
  51. Can now only be played once per turn.
  53. Miscellaneous
  54. The in-game Credits have been updated
  55. Various minor bugs and glitches fixed