1. Changelog v1.2.42.108807
  3. New Content
  4. Adding 'Heavy Cargo' Inventory to Mounts and Mount Inventory UI
  5. Adding Heavy Cargo slots to some of the Mount Saddles so mounts can carry 'G'-Slot items
  6. Mounts no Longer Take Damage From being at Level 3 Thirst, or Level 3 Hunger, meaning they will not die if left alone
  7. Increased All Mounts Damage Resistance to give them greater surviveability +10%
  8. Increased the Damage resistance provided by the Saddles that can be equipped to the mounts (+10%, 15%)
  9. Added an Aura to the Animal Bed which provides creatures with a 'Well Rested' Buff
  10. Lowered Base time to Tame Creatures 1200 -> 900
  11. Mounts no longer wander around in their 'Stay' behaviour state, and will return to the location where they were last told to stay after eating/drinking
  12. Adding Heavy Cargo stats to Saddles
  14. Fixed
  15. Fixed a few typos picked up by translators
  16. Fixing communicator T2 having incorrect crafted sound (used masonry when it should use crafting bench)
  17. ALCAZAR, HIGHRISE: Changed Biofuel Stove quest step to mention Kitchen Stove
  18. ALCAZAR, HIGHRISE, LIFE LINE: Changed Kitchen Stove quest step to correctly mention Biofuel Stove
  19. IRONCLAD: Updated name of Metal Plating to Layered Plating to match quest description
  21. Future Content
  22. Added BLD_Wall_Sngle_Wood for Buildable Rework Investigation
  23. General clean up of foliage, decals and blended terrain with GL cliffs in Grasslands, Green Quad, DLC
  24. Updated audio for lava tree sapling and applied sound to joshua trees BP. Better tonal balance and sizing
  25. Adding Promethus Open World Drop Zone, so open world can be played
  26. Adding Galileo Feature Level
  27. Small tonal balance to exotic tinted plant harvest audio
  28. Fixed Batdog physics asset
  29. Fixed bug where batdog wouldn't exit out of it's stalking behaviour when damaged
  30. Added hitreact to Batdog while sitting
  31. Added New Storm VFX NS, PP and BP
  32. Setup new Weather VFX on Weatherman Editor Tool
  33. Adjustments to DLC Trailer Volcanic Shot
  34. Small adjustment to aspen tree falling audio to make it more appropriate to match the visuals
  35. Committing Rudimentry Bestiary UI and Data Structures for Iteration
  36. Added materials and textures for all 4 variants of Fish08, models will follow soon. Upated character/creature shader to allow for subsurface masking and dithering options
  37. Sulfur Decal - changed alpha, added color variations (mats and FTs)|
  38. New landscape textures for Grasslands
  39. Added hemorrhage to Batdog heavy attack
  40. Added sand layer to grasslands cliff and canyonwall materials for better terrain blending
  41. Added copy of creature/charater shader with irideacence functionality to Pedro's developer folder to clean up/optimise
  42. Added Basic Fish Enteries to Bestiary and removed open button from menu, Pressing 'J' will open bestiary for now
  43. Adding Striker climb out animation with Root Motion for spawning behavior
  44. Added Aquarium and Advanced Aquarium Icons into datatable
  45. Added fishing bench, fishing trap and advanced fishing trap icons into datatable
  46. Fixed Hole In Ice Cave, Added Voxels Swamp Transition Cave & Tundra Transition Cave Blue/Yellow Quad, DLC Map
  47. WIP Commit of GL_AspenLeaves decal (textures, material, FT)
  48. PRO_Story_5: Completed location placements, updated objective mesh as placeholder
  49. Adding Fish Names to Items
  50. Bestiary UI Update, Data is now pulled from one source
  51. Polished snow decals in tundra area and blended terrain with tundra cliffs, Blue Quad, DLC
  52. Added text for various fishing-related items and wire
  53. Added text descriptions for new fish
  54. Removed Swamp Cave Blocker and Set Dressed The Transition Cave Between Purple and Red Quad, Prometheus
  55. Added DM for Scorpion_Hedgehog_Trap_03
  56. Added DM for DEP_Hedgehog_MED_03
  57. Flushed Grass on Green Quad, DLC Map
  58. Added Static Meshes and SKeletal mesh for Fish 08. Added BP for Fish 08
  59. Starting Promethus mission can now be triggered by interacting with the dropship on an open world
  60. Updating Dropship and Mission Communicator widgets so they correctly select the Mission Talent tree associated with the terrain
  61. Fixed Landscape Gap & Fixed Cave Surface showing on Red/Green/Blue Qaud, OLY
  62. Updating Dropship and Mission Communicator so the second and subsuqent promethus missions can be trigger from open world
  63. added fish11 textures and materials
  64. PRO_Story_5: Tweak areas, dialogue pacing, power requirements
  65. adjusted saturation for fish11
  66. Additional Setup of the bestiary, adding additional information to the fist data table for classification and setup the data to be displayed in the Fish Page and Entry
  67. Add a distance to player hook for designers when using animal swarms in quests
  68. First pass of GL_AspenLeaves decal
  69. Fixing Issue with Promethus Missions where the Droppods where not dropping at the correct locations which was preventing various quests steps from being complete
  70. Cleaned Up Bad & Leaning Foilage on Green Quad, DLC Map
  71. Pass on RockDog combat behaviours
  72. Added special fire effects while enraged
  73. Added ability for NPC footstep notifies to specify left or right
  74. General clean up in swap biome, added more megatree roots and polished blending of cliffs, Purple Quad, DLC
  75. Updating mask texture for M_BLD_Wall_Angle_Wood, as well as renaming several textures
  76. Adding in an animation to use as the spit attack for the Rock Dog to pull it away from the Roar
  77. Visual changes made to Prospector FieldGuide. (Bestiary Category, creature button, creature entry, bestiary creatures, fish button, fish entry, fish page, bestiary.)
  78. Removed Character Flag requirement from T3 Communication device as it is now a mission device
  79. Fixing Promethus Missions 2/3 as the load order of the prebuilt structures has changes and prevented finding of the containers to fill for the quests
  80. Updating Aquariums for the new Fish Models
  81. Added support for accolades to trigger steam achievements (disabled until achievements have been setup)
  82. Fish now scale based on their length stat when placed in aquariums
  83. Improve animal swarm spawner customization, allowing updating the spawn target on the fly
  84. Increasing volume of grasslands ambience base layer within Pro Tools so no less increase needs to be done in FMOD
  85. Decal painting and general polish of Purple quad, prometheus
  86. D_LC_ErosionRockBlend - adjusted saturation to better match LC rocks
  87. Added ITM Lures, Basic Iron Lure, Prospector tag lure, Rubbery, Higher Tier Wood, Basic Wooden, Bone, Iron, Blue Reed, Yeast, Rotten Meat and Poison Sack
  88. Polish in swap biome, added more megatree roots and polished tunnels in Megatree manual cave, Purple Quad, DLC
  89. Removing Quest Step from Promethus story 2 as it doesnt make sense
  90. Added ITM_Lures, Scorpion Tail, White Jelly, Painted Feather, Fiber, Bark Bug
  91. Centered pivot on Fish08 static meshes
  92. Adjusting fish positions in the aquariums to account for the new pivoit point
  93. Setting up base logic for the fish wall mounts, including widgets displaying stats and the mesh
  94. Further improved customization on swarm creature spawning
  95. Decal painting and general polish of Purple quad, prometheus
  96. Fixed MapCreatorUtility not applying MaterialOverride to Lakes or Rivers correctly
  97. Added new minimap-friendly lava material
  98. Lava-type WaterSetups now use lava material override when using MapCreatorUtility's 'Apply Override Materials' button
  99. First layers of unique transport pod audio
  100. Visual Updates on Bestiary UI
  101. Fixed Up Cave_GL_MED_001 & CAVE_GL_MED_002 , DLC Map
  102. Added SM_Wall_Win_DBL_Wood_L, Added T_Wall_Win_DBL_Wood_L_AO, Added M_Wall_Win_DBL_Wood_L_Kit_A & M_Wall_Win_DBL_Wood_L_Kit_B
  103. Added art assets for a Dirty variant the T3 and T4 aquariums
  104. Added HRB_Rhubarb with all growth stages
  105. Fixed RockDog spit not working
  106. Fixed RockDog enrage effects beginning too early sometimes
  107. PRO_Story_5: Fix marked areas, update timer