1. Update v1.2.3:
  2. Improvements built in cities from their own initiative (not ordered by the player) show turns left to completion in the city label on the map (similar like when a player initiates it).
  3. Better explanation of the reasons why confederation, federation or absorption proposal was rejected by the AI.
  4. Unit names can be now fully localized to any language. This localization works also for multiplayer when players use different languages in one game.
  5. Trade issue when the list of offered resources was empty, was fixed.
  6. Customized world issue when lack of wood at the beginning made the game unplayable, was fixed.
  7. An issue in federations when slave numbers were negatively affected by signing a federation or absorption, was fixed.
  8. An issue when the information about a temporary improvement (or disabled one) was lost when the unit was being upgraded, was fixed.
  9. Trading exploit (an AI issue) was fixed.
  10. Game options issue when a new General unit was created as part of rewards upon completing an objective despite the "Generals" feature being disabled for the game, was fixed.
  11. An issue in PBEM (asynchronous multiplayer) when it was impossible to rejoin the game lobby after leaving the game, was fixed.
  12. An incorrect tooltip of the yields around a capital city was fixed.
  13. An issue in cycling through active units when a General with 1 action point left was automatically deselected, was fixed.
  14. Language updates in all localizations.
  15. One rare CTD was fixed.