1. Update v1.3:
  2. UI Improvements
  3. Unit Editor has been redesigned to combine Wargear and Skills.
  4. You can now rotate a unit in the Unit Editor.
  5. Implemented larger “unit action remaining” markers.
  6. Controller Cursor no longer snaps to the hex center.
  8. Campaign Changes
  9. Campaign starting warbands have +1 unit available per difficulty.
  10. Two new encounter types: Survive and Protect.
  11. Added a dialog skip button.
  13. Multiplayer Changes
  14. Two new maps added to the rotation: The Lower Bole and Drowned Man’s Journey.
  15. The Lower Bole
  17. Drowned Man’s Journey
  18. Fungal Cliffs map now has a new layout.
  19. Added a Tutorial to Multiplayer.
  20. Increased Earned Experience for all players.
  21. Added XP rewards to players who lost in turns 1, 2, and 3.
  22. Added a turn timer. You will now get visual and audio warnings when your turn has 30 seconds remaining.
  23. Multiplayer Faction Progression now includes more random items than before.
  25. PC System/Settings
  26. Ultrawide Support: In game maps now have a custom camera supporting 21:9 resolutions. Front-end screens will remain centered in a 16:9 resolution.
  28. Audio Changes
  29. Fixed the issue of units talking over each other.
  30. Fixed over 60 bugs related to missing and broken SFX.
  32. Balance Changes
  33. Maggotkin of Nurgle
  34. Corrosion and Poison now last 2 turns by default.
  35. Disease ignores armour but only lasts 2 turns instead of 3.
  36. Blightkings base health increased from 5 to 6 and base Armour increased from 0 to 1.
  37. Rotbringers now have reduced base damage, from 3 to 2.
  38. Transmit Disease now requires you to not have moved before activating.
  39. Corruption now has a cast range of 4 increased from 2, and a reduced cooldown by 1.
  40. Feculent Gnarlmaw - Base aethyr cost reduced from 4 to 3 and base cast range increased from 3 to 4.
  41. Nurglings - Seed of Corruption has been moved to an off-hand ability and they have disease bomb by default.
  42. Calcify now has an increased cooldown from 2 to 3.
  43. Replaced Second Nature property with Tireless, so while you can still charge after using, you can't use other abilities.
  44. Debilitating Aura now leaves a lingering debuff for 1 turn that is refreshed every turn
  45. Great Corruptor now applies the effects of adjacent corruption whenever you take ANY damage instead.
  46. Fixed Corrosive items dealing too much / inconsistent damage when more units were involved.
  47. Fixed Layer of Sick (+1 armour when using Joyous bile) only lasting until end of turn.
  49. Nighthaunt
  50. Overrun can only be activated once per turn.
  51. If you have a 2nd skill of Overrun it will grant the Fall Back passive after Overrun has been triggered.
  52. Fall Back - Dealing any damage will refresh the unit with Relentless (allowing them to move and use abilities again), but they will deal 0 damage with ALL abilities, but Into the Mist has 0 Aethyr cost.
  53. Arcane Claw’s range is lowered from 5 to 3
  54. Lady of Ashes will now be healed when she retaliates in melee with Healing Winds
  55. Myrmourn Banshees - Increased base summons from 1to 2 in multiplayer .
  56. Ethereal now ignores taking/dealing damage from basic ranged attacks.
  57. Summoning Wisps now costs 1 less Aethyr and the cooldown has been lowered by 1.
  58. Blazing Step skill (leave spectral flames on ground) now lasts 1 turn instead of just end of turn.
  59. Fixed Chainghast Solitary skill.
  60. Chainrasp Endless Horde skill can now be correctly equipped 3x.
  61. Nighthaunt weapons that say they rend armour will now work correctly.
  62. Lowered range of Chains of Burden (AOE Legendary) from 4 to 3.
  63. Enhanced Summoning Skill (Knight of Shrouds) now only grants +1 summon range to wisps instead of +2.
  65. Stormcast Eternals
  66. Zealous skill has been separated into 2 separate cards, 1 grants -1 cooldown to main hand weapons the other grants -1 Aethyr cost to them.
  67. For each copy of Zealous you had, you will receive an extra card for -1 Aethyr (E.g. you have 3 of them, you will keep 3 for -1 cooldown and gain an additional 3 for -1 Aethyr).
  68. Tireless skill no longer grants +1 movement with a single stack. Grants+1 movement for each additional stack (e.g. if you have 3, you will get +2 movement after casting an ability).
  69. Decreased cooldown of Challenge by 1.
  70. Fixed a bug where Challenge couldn’t target ranged units that were channeling in order to interrupt them. Now if they will be interrupted but won’t attack back.
  71. High ground bonus is reduced from 2 to 1 damage.
  72. Lightning Rod is no longer buffed by stacks of Frenzy.
  74. General
  75. When knocked into Endless Spells or Alchemic Transmutation, you take 3 bonus damage for a total of 4 that ignores armour instead of being instantly killed.
  76. By default, all traps have a cast range of 2 instead of 1.
  77. Base cost of traps except Violent Growth cost 0 Aethyr instead of 1.
  78. Many traps had their cooldowns lowered.
  79. Blitz will no longer allow you to execute 2 charges AND an ability in the same turn, regardless of order of execution.
  80. Blitz no longer allows you to execute a charge and then a damaging ability without its stack being removed.
  81. Deflect now blocks basic ranged attacks by default
  82. Barriers no longer last forever.
  83. Fixed a bug where you could cast barriers for free when your unit had no other moves.
  84. Fixed environmental hazards escalating their damage over time.
  85. Fix for Layer of Sick (+1 armour when using Joyous bile) only lasting until end of turn
  86. Auto-dispel no longer works on Endless Spells
  87. Units can no longer pass through Grove of Renewal or Feculent Gnarlmaw.
  88. Fixed a bug where hazards like fire could deal extra damage when summoned on a unit occupying a hex containing other props. This damage didn’t preview correctly, which would have caused confusing results.