1. WW2 Rebuilder | Patch 1.2.2
  2. Hello Builders!
  4. Our game is released for over two weeks now!
  6. We are very satisfied with how you seem to enjoy WW2 Rebuilder and we are thankful for all the feedback and reports. There are some issues that come up from your reviews and messages that we note and work on.
  8. Here are some of the new things we managed to fix and add this week:
  10. Patch notes:
  11. Loading time
  12. We decreased loading times for our game.
  13. For those who encounter any stuck during load to main menu for longer then 1-2 min please:
  14. - Hit Alt+Enter to check if problem is not related to Fullscreen resolution mode. We confirmed that on systems below Windows 10.
  15. - Alternatively please try running game from Rebuilder.exe file directly in administrator mode.
  16. Ladders
  17. Fix for potential stuck when climb the ladders.
  18. Dunkirk
  19. Prevented issues when attachable vehicles would shrink on connect action. If it occurs please reset QWERTY (or appropriate) bindings in Game Settings.
  20. Dunkirk building site area check size reduced to prevent possible block of the progress.
  21. Fix for some props that would re-spawn after map load
  22. Essen
  23. Re-designed factory elements that require transport to collect zone.
  24. London
  25. Increased size of cut decals on airplane that is require to be cut.
  26. Lympne
  27. Wing flaps are now available to be craft or build in the workshop table.
  28. Necropolis
  29. Fix for providing data to clerk task.
  30. Binding
  31. Additional re-binding options are now available.
  32. Translation
  33. Translation fixes for German and French localization. Thank you every for reporting those to us! We highly appreciate that. Our community is amazing \o/
  35. Additionally if you still encounter load crashes or hang please try following:
  36. Add game to exception folder in Windows Defender Firewall
  37. Temporarily disable antivirus software other that Windows Defender
  38. Restart your computer
  39. Clear download catch in Steam App
  40. Verify Integrity of Game Files
  41. Run game. Possibly reinstalling might give results as we received a lot of reports that files being moved into quarantine by additional non built-in windows application during installation and game couldn't be launched. We also strongly suggest to have game installed on SSD drive.