1. INPUT6 - Update 1.1.0
  2. First of all, thank you for playing INPUT6! I'm glad many of you found the game fun and intriguing.
  4. Also, thank you very much for feedback! Since the release I worked on this update trying to smooth out any annoyances some of you pointed out, patch any shortcomings in the game's design and of course fix all found bugs. With these game changes I'm trying to make the gameplay a bit less troublesome and easier to understand for new players.
  6. In addition to that, you can now choose between available GAME MODES: you can make the game a bit easier, turn off minigames, explore facility without any danger or make the gameplay a lot more challenging (win to unlock a secret reward).
  8. All additions and changes are listed below.
  10. List of major changes:
  11. changed location of the starting room on INPUT5
  12. added GAME MODES (full list with descriptions below)
  13. added short visual tutorial (before starting the gameplay for the first time)
  14. added gameplay hints - displayed in the pause menu after losing the game
  15. slightly adjusted difficulty
  16. small QOL changes (listed below)
  17. bugfixes (listed below)
  20. CLASSIC - standard gameplay
  21. EASY - more time to avoid the robot, slower minigames, completing minigames shows an arrow pointing towards the remote
  22. CHALLENGE - 5 min time limit, less time to avoid the robot, faster minigames, special reward for finishing the game
  23. NO MINIGAMES - standard gameplay but with no minigames
  24. EXPLORATION (unlocked after beating the game at least once) - no time limit, no danger, unlimited FAST-FORWARD
  26. Full list of QOL changes:
  27. added sound after interacting with the remotes
  28. changed font of "PRESS X TO CONTINUE" message on the starting screen
  29. changed all keybindings in UI to capital letters
  30. changed text formatting on the loading screen
  31. on the letter to employees shown before first gameplay, the text 'Press X to continue' has been moved up (to clearly show the last name on the letter)
  32. added 'GAME OVER' text on the game over screen
  33. added a hint to the hidden clue in the ARCHIVES (when it can be found)
  34. removed two robot spawn points on INPUT1 (in the entrance to the small storeroom with wooden boxes and pallets)
  35. removed two robot spawn points on INPUT5 (next to the new location of the starting room)
  36. optimized animated UI
  38. Full list of bugfixes:
  39. fixed a bug where two minigames could start back-to-back
  40. fixed a bug where the geometry of the starting rooms could be invisible
  41. fixed image scaling on monitors with resolution higher than 1920x1080
  42. fixed wall collision on INPUT1 (in a back corridor near the room with water pipes)
  43. fixed a bug where too many sounds could be loaded at once, resulting in unwanted sound distortion
  44. fixed spelling mistake in the description of the 2nd warranty claim form
  45. fixed spelling mistake in the description of the robot manual
  46. fixed a bug where game could not end after all remaining inputs were locked
  47. fixed a bug where player could walk during cutscenes after using 'CHANGE INPUT' key
  48. fixed shader caching