1. Devlog #2: We're Listening, and Making Real Changes!
  3. We take every piece of feedback seriously!
  4. Dear "Apocalypse Party" Players,
  6. First and foremost, we are genuinely grateful for your support.
  7. We recognize that every player is an indispensable part of the "Apocalypse" world, and we take every piece of feedback seriously! For instance, some of you mentioned concerns like: the gameplay not being thrilling enough, the level cap being too low, and some content requiring online play to unlock, etc.
  9. We've changed them all! And the changes are effective immediately!
  11. Therefore, we've worked tirelessly through the night, and after ensuring the online server crash issue was resolved, we are excited to bring you this "Devlog #2":
  12. All content previously unlockable only in online mode can now be unlocked in single-player mode.
  13. Increased the level cap to 25.
  14. Optimized the talent algorithm (reduced randomness, making it easier to form a consistent playstyle. Removed the restriction of no gold talents before level 7).
  15. Default number of talent resets increased to 6.
  16. Simplified unlock conditions for certain characters (like Beastmaster/Bard/Epidemiologist, etc.).
  17. Enhanced the numerical values of some character skills.
  18. In online play, the buffs triggered by statues now cover the entire team.
  19. Initiated a preliminary anti-cheat detection feature.
  20. Resolved a number of other serious bugs and crash issues (still in ongoing optimization).
  21. PS: Remember to restart Steam to detect the version update.
  23. We understand that in this rapidly evolving gaming world, only by continuously listening and swiftly responding can our game meet your expectations.
  25. We sincerely hope these updates and improvements let players feel our dedication and commitment to the quality of the game. Please believe that our passion for "Apocalypse Party" is as deep as yours, and we are confident about the continual updates and optimizations in the future.
  27. Once again, thank you for your companionship, support, and understanding throughout this process. We look forward to witnessing every moment of growth in "Apocalypse Party" with you. Thank you.
  30. Best Regards,
  31. The Entire Dev and Operations Team of Apocalypse Party