1. Update v1.3.2204:
  2. Attention, Specialists! We have received communications from the Commander. They’re requesting a hit squad of alien-busting Specialists to take on a secret mission - ‘Operation: Clear Skies’.
  4. Gorgonville is a shanty settlement of survivors. Among the survivors is Doc Vestergaard, a scientist who has discovered a powerful weapon. The device was damaged in the crash, but thankfully it can be repaired. Once the weapon is operational, it can be used to launch a surprise attack, and tip the scales of the battle in favor of the resistance!
  6. Operation: Clear Skies DLC adds extra content for Story Mode and will see you exploring crashed alien vessels, searching for all the missing parts required to build a weapon powerful enough to take down an alien mothership. The future of Earth depends on this ultimate mission. Do you have what it takes?
  8. Operation: Clear Skies Features
  9. Embark on a journey to three beautiful environments overrun by aliens
  10. Fight for survival with crashed alien vessels to explore and unique challenges to overcome
  11. Immerse yourself in a heart-pounding, all-new soundtrack that'll have you grooving as you obliterate wave after wave of extraterrestrial foes!
  12. Interact with a multitude of characters, each with their own secrets waiting to be unraveled!
  13. New exciting storyline to uncover
  14. Harness the power of two brand-new specialists: The cunning Scavenger and the Xeno Expert, both armed to the teeth with specialist weapons and game-changing perks!